275 // 23 | Female | Human
The Devil is in the details.
Eve, Ultima, Letti | Sapiosexual


Yvette has a very regal look about her, her features slightly sharper than normal, while still allowing her the delicate roundness of the female form. Standing at 5’7 with a very lean build, she is clearly more than ready for any physical altercation. Short white hair falls naturally into place from the top of her head to just above her shoulders, its part causing a small mass of hair to cover her left eye. Eyes of reddish amber pop beautifully against the canvas that is her olive skin tone.



To most people, Yvette seems cold or distant. This is largely due to the fact that she’s more in tune with logic, than she is with her emotions. Though, there are some exceptions to this, the most prominent among them being that she treats those she has a pact with more gently than anyone else. That said, however, in the case of people that do not have pacts with her, she often looks at how they might be beneficial to her.

Often, Yvette can be found sitting in cafes, or other public locales, seeming to stare off into space. What she’s actually doing, however, is people watching. This is a past time she enjoys partaking in due to the insight it gives her into people’s lives. People watching allows her to peruse a shop, so-to-speak, giving her a chance to pick out anyone who might want, or need a pact. Once she’s found someone she might want to make a pact with, she can be rather provocative. Picking and prodding at them subtly, trying to learn more about them. After enough information is gathered, she’ll attempt to persuade, or manipulate them, into forming a pact with her.


To Be Shown IC

elationships &

Love interest / Partner
Rival / Enemy


Kusarigama Yvette's Kusarigama is comprised of a vis-infused platinum sickle, and a chain comprised of her vis that she can lengthen or shorten at will.
Cellphone Does this need explanation?


Silver-tongued Advanced Multitasker Cunning
Quick witt Multilingual Eidetic Memory
Stronger than normal Humans Faster than normal Humans Heightened Reflexes
Physical Durability Strong Will Weapon Specialist


◆ Domino

This spell which Yvette has been utilizing, and mastering for the last 200 years allows her to form contracts with other beings. These contracts are put into place via a rune being placed somewhere on the recipient’s body. Before she can cast this rune on anything sentient, she must first state her terms for the agreement, completely, unless certain conditions are met by the desired recipient of the rune. She must also be able to clearly see the individual. If she can see them, the rune can be used on them. Once the terms are stated, the recipient must in some way communicate that they accept the contract. This can be done verbally, or via some sort of predetermined gesture. Once the rune is placed on the recipient’s body they must adhere to the terms set about by Yvette’s contract. If they do not, their contract is terminated, and anything they’re receiving from Yvette (in the case of Licentia it would be vis) will immediately stop.

Yvette’s Terms
When I call, you will answer.
You will do as I say, within reason.
If I ask you a question, you will answer honestly.
I will supply you with vis for as long as our contract is in place.
If you ask me a question, I will answer honestly.
Should you require any other amenities, I will provide them, within reason.
I have the right to change these terms at any time, given that I have your consent.
◆ Student of Warfare

Yvette bears the accumulated knowledge of each of her mother and father’s past lives – and is imprinted with extremely impressively detailed fighting styles for practically every known weapon. Yvette has mastered the art of the Kusarigama herself, but is capable of using any non-unique weapon handed to her to the pinnacle of its ability (in theory).

eral Summons

◆ Brie

Abilities: Brie is capable of spitting toxins from his mouth. He is also able to secrete these same toxins from his skin, and often does so when stressed. The toxins themselves are only harmful in large quantities, however, if they get into your eyes, mouth, or any open wounds, they spread quickly, and are quite lethal. Yvette has managed to build quite the tolerence to various poisons because of this.
◆ Mist & Shroud

Abilities: Mist and Shroud are Elemental Licentia. They utilize ice and shadows respectively.
◆ Raize

Abilities: Raize seems to have no magic of his own, preferring to use his razor sharp teeth and claws. Due to his stature, Yvette is able to use him as a form of transportation.