Aeris Neara Kasio


Aeris stands at roughly 5 feet tall, weighing in at around 120lbs. The vampire's frame borders between small and medium, causing her to come off as more fragile than she actually is. Beneath the alabaster skin of this deceptively small frame lies toned, sinewy muscle. It should be noted, however, that while the toning that she's put her body through is largely hidden, her figure is not. This vampire was gifted with a generous amount of curves. It is often said, that the woman moves with an almost surreal grace, carrying herself with an air of pride rarely seen in the women of today.

Eyes of an unnatural blue can be seen glowing from beneath long, chestnut colored eye lashes. Her slightly rounded face is framed by hair of the same color, with it falling down all the way to the small of her back when not up in her usual ponytail. Most often, one can see a look of calm on the woman's face. Her lips are a soft pink in color, and behind them hide a set of bright pearly whites. If one were to look closely enough at her canines they would see a distinct difference between her teeth and those of normal Humans. Her canines are much, much sharper, but, that's not the only difference. Within the points of her teeth there are small holes. It is unknown what these holes are for, to those who don't know her, anyway.

In most cases, Aeris' fashion choices can be described as contemporary. She likes to wear light clothing, her most notable choice being a white button-down shirt with a black skirt, typically sitting just above her knees in length. In terms of casual clothes, she likes to wear long sleeve shirts, and jeans. Depending on the weather, she'll either wear a light blouse, or or a slightly heavier long sleeve sweater. Because she's very particular, most of her clothes fit her well, framing the parts of her body that she's most proud of. This sometimes attracts a lot of attention from men--and occasionally women--which, if she's being honest, makes her even more proud.


Aeris is often described as calm and calculating. The woman will more than likely come off as very business-oriented when first meeting someone. In serious situations, she won't play games, or deal well with people who decide they want to crack jokes about stupid things in said situations. Not easily angered, she is capable of keeping a level head in most situations, barring a few exceptions.

Though it may seem as though the woman doesn't have a normal sense of humor, the fact is that she just finds a wide range of things funny. She prefers dryer humor (and, herself, is often sarcastic) when not around family, or friends where she will laugh at most jokes. In most cases her cold behavior can be attributed to a defense mechanism. Because of her unwilling stint in Torqueo, she finds it hard to trust people, and thus, comes off as more rude or uncaring than she actually is.

When she is around her family, or the few friends she's made, she is a very open and caring individual. Often times, she will take time out of her day no matter what's going on to help them if they need her. The only exception being when she's travelling. Because of the trauma she's faced, she is very adept at being a shoulder for people to lean on, and is more than happy to be that shoulder for those she cares about and--in rare cases--people who simply need that shoulder.

Beneath the surface of the woman described above, there is a dark, tremulous ocean crashing against her mind. Underneath the woman she portrays to the world is an angry and hurt individual. One, who, has gone through more than her fair share of pain. Most would understand if she were to lash out at the world, screaming, kicking, or otherwise fighting anything she didn't agree with. But, that's not who she is. Instead of misdirecting her rage at the world, and people around her, she has a specific target in mind. The Licentia who trapped her in Torqueo. He is the only person who is capable of dragging out the vicious rage within her. Sure, others are able to make her angry, upset even, but Szayeis. Szayeis holds a heavy amount of her ire. More often than not, when he shows up, she becomes inexplicably violent, attempting to attack him almost immediately upon seeing his face.


TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of Rape, Abuse, and Torture

>Born in the 19th century, 1834
>Computers, games, and cellphones were just beginning to be invented on Medius
>Layna married Maurice just as he was founding Kasio Korp, after having gone through a particularly lengthy divorce.
>Shortly after Aeris was born, Layna was thought to have contracted Scarlet Fever.
>Just after Aeris' 19th birthday, she's kidnapped by a Licentia. Said Licentia was using her to get at the Guardian Prae she didn't even know she had.
>The Licentia killed the Prae, and before the Licentia could devour the anima, it placed itself within her body in the fully merged state that is common with Guardian/Guarded companionship. Aeris had unknowingly agreed to the bond.
>This gave her some slightly strange markings around the small of her back, that have since disappeared.
>Due to the shock of the Prae's energy integrating with her own, the girl was knocked unconscious.
>Layna was infected by Szayeis who implanted a shard into her before her pregnancy, intending to turn her and her child. However instead her Brisn mostly overpowered the parasitic shard, nearly driving it out.
>Before she could fully expunge it, the shard latched onto little Mai, and embedded itself in his still growing body. Thus the genetic sequence of Licentia was introduced to Mairyell.
>Their father, over time, further suppressed Mairyell until placing him in the basement, tied up, sedated, otherwise drugged, and guarded.
>Despite Maurice's precautions the kidnapping of Aeris served to make him forget that his son had not been given his medication recently, and so it was that he was able to regain his composure and escape.
>While Aeris was unconscious Mairyell found her, having tracked her down via smell after escaping the clutches of their father.
>Arriving just in time, Mairyell struck the Licentia before it had the chance to attack Aeris, felling it in one blow due to surprise, before draining its body of vis--and blood--and running away with his sister. He leaves the Prae alone.
>Aeris wakes up in their home, with Mai and Maurice in an argument, Maurice threatening him with some sort of syringe.
>When the man goes after Mai with the needle, she--without even realizing-- lunges at him and knocks him to the ground.
>Takes the Syringe and shatters it against a wall
>Proceeds to grab Mai's hand and pull him through the door
>Just as they're leaving, a wall of shadow blocks their path. Szayeis.
>He entraps a young Aeris within the confines of his body, and says something to Mai before departing via the elder brother's shadow, Aeris no where to be found.
>Mairyell, distraught and unsure of what to do, but knowing he can stand his father no longer--leaves
>Begins his search for Aeris over the next 200 or so years.
>Meanwhile Szayeis explains to Aeris, with her captured within his form, that she is part of something "greater".
>Cue Szayeis torturing (thrice raping) and eventually turning Aeris over nearly 200 years.
>Over this time period, Szayeis' mind stabilizes and he comes out of his delusions, about 50 years into it, and begins to actually try to shape her for a true plan that is forming in his twisted little mind.
>Beaten, raped, and otherwise tortured, Aeris ultimately becomes submissive toward Szayeis and his actions.
>This attitude changes when he finally turns her on the eve of her 21st birthday.
>As he begins to fill her veins with his own Vis, her Brisn awoke.
>Try as the magic might without the will of its wielder, it could not stave off the inffection.
>Aeris would have to learn to control her Brisn, otherwise she would die.
>Nearly succumbing to deaths embrace, Szayeis brought her back, by force-feeding her Vis.
>From then on, while she mostly adhered to what he said, she began to plot.
>As the years went by and the torture continued, she knew fighting back would do no good.
>When the torture finally stopped, and he started to "groom" her, she took as many chances as she could get to learn how to fight.
>Most often she would use him as her training dummy.
>She also learned to somewhat see through his manipulation, though not enough to completely identify it all the time.
>Little known to her, Szayeis was quite aware of her little plots, but was allowing them. Afterall, he had a plan.
>He wanted her to learn to fight, learn her abilities
>He wanted her to know that to truly fight against him was pointless
>He wanted her to try and convince him--with her lack of resistance--to let her go.
>He would and eventually he did so, but only after she'd learned to fend for herself.
>Releasing her years later, Szayeis takes her core, supplying it with his own energy to keep it alive. After all, insurance is always useful.
>Following her release, he keeps an eye on her, never too far away, though enough so not to be easily sensed.
>The Eximius allowed her to wander around Torqueo as she wished, even going so far as to teach her the Licentia tongue since she now was one.
>Once, or twice, he made a point of "letting her go" to Medius, where she would immediately start searching for Mai before being pulled back into Torqueo not even three days later each time.
>As time when on, the girl forced into womanhood, and then forced to be a monster began to lose hope.
>Just as she was reaching the point of no return, some 180 years into her captivity, Szayeis let her go.
>Not before ripping the core from her side in the most painful way possible, first, however.
>Once she was let out into Medius, she waited. For three days, she did nothing but wait.
>When he didn't come back to take her to Torqueo, she finally felt like she could venture out to search for Mai, though she would always be looking over her shoulder.
>2033 (when she was released for real).
>Couldn't find Mairyell for 10 years.
>Found him in 2043
>Were off and on together for a year, then settled in Ominar and have been there for the last 9 years.
>Relationship budded on the second year they were settled and has developed since.
>When Aeris finally found Mairyell after ten years, he was living with a woman named Claire.
>Aeris didn't know what to do, and so at first, she didn't show herself. However, not even a week later, Mairyell found her.
>They weren't sure about each other, at first, and found themselves drifting together and apart for a year.
>Mai had to devote time to Claire, and Aeris wanted to explore the world she'd largely been absent from. For the most part, each was just glad the other was alive.
>One night, Claire got into an accident, leaving Mai alone. Again. It was at this point that he sought out Aeris again, who had settled in Ominar at the time.
>He stayed with her, in her two bedroom apartment. It seemed she was going through the process of getting a larger place, and taking over Kasio Korp.
>Busy as she was, she made as much time to console, and try to help her brother as she could. Even then, she still hadn't been able to explain what she had gone through for 180 years.
>As time went on, however, Aeris and Mai began to grow closer. The two seeming to understand each other on levels that most people just weren't capable of.
>Soon, what once had been simply two siblings caring for one another, blossomed into two people who were falling in love. It was a strange thing, and at first, Aeris was scared.
>The woman was terrified that they were doing something wrong.
>Time passed, however, and her feelings for Mairyell assuaged any doubts she was having, she knew it was strange... taboo even, but she couldn't help how she felt.


Smartphone Aeris has two of these. A business line and a private line. Both are the latest models available, with each having a modified Vis charger for emergancies. The private line has a small star charm where headphones would typically go.
Silver Locket Given to her by her brother as a birthday present, this locket is engraved with her initials on the outside, and has a picture of her brother inside it.
Taser Because Aeris is unwilling to fight Humans with no magic, and they sometimes attack her for money, she began carrying this around to stun them so that she could get away without much trouble.



  • Just below Genius level intelligence
  • Cunning/Clever
  • Eloquent/Smooth Talker
  • Advanced Mediator
  • Calculated
  • Equal Creative/Logic
  • Moderate Multitasker


  • Faster than Humans
  • Stronger than Humans
  • Bodily Durability
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Heightened Senses
  • Strong Will
  • Street Fighter
  • Perfect Night/Low Light Vision


Affinity & Effect color chart:
Healing Over Time
Damage Over Time


Aeris has the ability to manifest and manipulate shadows in a 14ft radius around her body. What this entails is the knowledge, and willingness to bend the shape, state, or otherwise alter the composition of shadows. Whether they be hers, another person's, or an object's. If it's within her radius, she has the ability to manipulate it. Shadow manipulation's overall overall weaknesses are Light and Purity. No matter what spell Aeris is using, Light and/or Purity will be able either completely destroy her shadows, or they will be returned to their normal state of being.

Shadow Wings

Using her ability to manipulate shadows, Aeris can create a pair of wings composed of densely packed shadows that will allow her to fly. She is capable of making her wings smaller, or larger. In some cases, she can even make them lighter so as to help her move faster in the air. However, as with all of her shadow abilities, if someone were to cast a spell of Light, or entrap her in pure, uncompromised Vis, her wings would vanish.

Shadow Walk

An ability wherein Aeris can dematerialize herself into any Shadow she comes into physical contact with, and move to another location. She can travel through shadows for a minimum of 14ft, and a maximum of 3 miles. While she travels, she is able to see "images" within the shadows that she is able to exit from, however, she cannot stay within shadows for too long (any longer than 6 hours) or it is possible for her to get trapped inside them. This ability is difficult for her to use in combat because it usually takes her about a full minute of concentration before she can even enter the shadow, under duress that time would likely be multiplied by two.

Shadow Petals

With this ability Aeris creates hardened petals in the air with her shadows. The petals are about the size of her hand, and serve more like sharp disks. When utilized, she sends them firing at an enemy in rapid succession, almost like a machine gun. She cannot use this ability with Shadow Scape, as it tends to start using her own body as the petals. This ability also drains her mentally, as she has to constantly track her opponent in order to keep aiming at them.

Shadow Scape

Aeris can dematerialize her body into a mass of shadows, however this ability is really unreliable, and she only uses it to freak people out. More often than not it tends to leave her aching for a few hours after use, and if she stays in the state for too long, it becomes harder for her to turn back. She couples this ability with her Ventriloquism talent, making it seem like she's coming from every where at once.


A non-elemental energy that's been passed down on their mother's side of the family for generations, Brisn, takes the form of a bright blue vis, which in Aeris' case is more like fire, though it can defy gravity like most vis. This energy possesses within it the ability to absorb the properties of things which it comes into contact with, though to a somewhat limited degree. However, unlike some energies of this nature, Brisn can only affect living beings and elemental energies. However, it effects elements and beings very differently, with the former being absorbed, and the latter having their wounds and pain pulled into the energy, before being dispersed—this due to Brisn's ability to transfer the user's vis into the vis of the receiver passively. Brisn has also been seen to be capable of fending off the influence of intruding influences, such as the parasitic children of the Licentia, or to weaken or break a Licenti's hold on a possessed individual. While her brother, Mairyell, is less capable with the magic, Aeris is considerably more so, using it to heal herself and others, alter the effects of her blood, and combining it with her Licentia energy to make it viable for their kind as well. Because of her constant passive utilization of this energy to keep her Licenti half from over taking her, Aeris' eyes are an unnaturally blue color. When she decides to use it with a purpose, her eyes become even brighter, making their blue glow nearly triple the brightness it usually is.

Brisn Flare -- [
] [
] [

Using this ability, Aeris is capable of manifesting a small--palm-sized--fireball composed of Brisn energy. When hurled at a Licentia, this fireball with more than likely set them on fire for about 10 seconds. However, if it hits a Prae, or Human and they are hurt, it will heal them for 10 seconds. In both instances, the target's body will become coated in the flames to a small degree until the 10 seconds are up. In the case of a Licentia, the damage will never be enough to kill. However, she can only manifest one Brisn Flare every 30 seconds.

Fire Wall -- [
] [
] [
] [

With this ability a dome of flaming Brisn forms in a 2 foot radius around Aeris' body as a defensive barrier. Licentia are largely unable to enter this barrier, and any attempting to do so by just running through the flames will find themselves set alight, until 5 seconds after they've left the fire, presuming they left at all, or until they found themselves on the other side of the barrier. If a Human or Prae were to Enter through the flames, they would be healed for 5 seconds upon reaching the other side.

Healing Aura

This is an ability where Aeris coats most often her hand in a layer of Brisn and places it on someone's wound, absorbing it. Using this ability she cannot heal internal organs, only surface wounds. With this ability she can heal: Fractured bones, deep gashes, bruises, and swelling. She doesn't really use this, or any other healing ability she has to heal the fatal wounds of others as that starts to drain her own life in the process.

Breath of Brisn

Using her manipulation of Brisn she can breath out a healing mist. She uses this ability to heal internal wounds her Aura wouldn't be able to fix. In order for this to take effect though, the person she's trying to heal has to breath in the mist. This ability can heal shattered bones, minor internal organ damage, and can be used to stop hemorrhaging. This ability is more of a band-aid for hemorrhaging rather than an actual fix. If she uses it for that, she generally helps the person get to the hospital so they can get actual help.

Brisn Crystal

Aeris is capable of condensing her Brisn in such a way as to create concentrated crystals of the energy. She can use this ability as a sort of grenade in combination with runes. She can also give these crystals to others so they can have access to Brisn's healing properties, and often shows them how to use the rune that keeps the crystal "closed".

Personal Healing

Unlike most Vampires who have a passive accelerated regeneration, Aeris' regeneration is mostly due to her Brisn. Because it is continually running through her body, she is able to absorb a lot of damage, and able to completely mitigate small flesh wounds (scratches, shallow cuts, and minor gashes). She can regenerate from potentially lethal (Note: Not Fatal she can also heal her own broken bones) provided she gets enough Licentia vis to cause her Brisn to flair up in order to protect her, given that if she is lethally damaged, she likely doesn't have the strength to do so herself.

Regeneration List
Damage Time Taken Vis Amount
Broken/Fractured Bones 1 Week 1-2 Humans worth of Vis
Shattered Bones 2 Weeks 3-4 Humans worth of Vis
Lethal Wounds/Interal Damage 3-4 Weeks 5-8 Humans worth of Vis
Limb Regeneration 5-6 Weeks 10-12 Humans worth of Vis
Note: She does not actually feed on Humans. It's just a scale. She would be feeding on Licentia.


Due to her vampiric licenti nature, Aeris is capable of manipulating blood within a 20ft radius of her body. This ability does not extend to being able to manipulate fully living beings via their blood, in her case, but does allow her to manipulate corpses if they haven't been embalmed yet. She can also manipulate her own blood, but only once it is outside of her body. Once it is, however, she can change many things about it, its composition, state, she can even imbue it with other magics that she knows. She is not as adept at this ability as her brother is, being that he is more or less a master at it, but she is capable of some advanced techniques.

Acid Blood -- [
] [

Aeris has the ability to manipulate the acidity of her blood to make it more corrosive. However, the corrosion never goes above being able to slightly burn someone (think small chemical burn). She typically uses this as more of a distraction tactic, hurling it in the direction of people's eyes or faces so as to be able to escape if necessary.

Blue Blood -- [
] [

Occurs when Aeris imbues her blood with Brisn. This ability allows her to become slightly more durable to direct magic attacks by absorbing the energy behind them. However, it will not redirect them, or imbue her blood with their magic, it acts more like it's devouring the attack. This ability does not absorb physical attacks, and can only absorb so much from attacks of a certain intensity. It can in no way infinitely absorb.

Blood Crystals

Aeris is able to make small pingpongball-sized crystals of her blood, unlike her brother, who can make a stronger, and more dense version of these crystals. Aeris is unable to use these crystals once they're made, typically giving them to mages who accept them as payment for certain things.

Tainted Brisn -- [
] [
] [

Using this ability, which combines all three of the others, Aeris has learned how to manipulate her Brisn so that it can heal Licentia. However, she's only able to use the Healing Aura form of this ability as she hasn't figured out how to use the other versions. Thus, it works functionally the same as the previously mentioned spell.